Adds gel strength & filtration control in combination with ProDrill

  • Gel Strength Builder Produces gel strength for the suspension of high density and/or large grain materials when used in combination with ProDrill. From fine sands to small cobble, adding BoreShield to ProDrill will provide sufficient suspension and fluid loss properties to bore in the conditions.
  • BoreShield will reduce the rate of fluid leak off into the surrounding bore. This filtration control will help stabilize the bore leading to reduced pressures on pull back.
  • BoreShield quickly disperses into the drilling fluid with minimal shear and generally hydrates within five minutes.
  • When BoreShield is run with ProDrill, the increased lowend rheology (gel strength and yield point) allows sand and high density particles to be suspended in the drilling fluid, leading to more efficient cuttings removal from the bore hole.

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