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Failed or Slow Bores are Expensive

There are multiple reasons why a bore can fail but with ProAction Fluids, your mud mix doesn’t need to be one of them.  
We’ve developed a whole lineup of drilling fluid products that are easy to mix, inexpensive, and work every time. Try ProAction Fluids on your next bore. 

ProAction Fluids Products

Work in every soil

Are easy to mix

Deigned, Packed, and fully supported

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ProAction Fluids keep pressures low and your bore moving quickly, materials costs low and puts dollars back to your bottom line.

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Our Products

Are designed by actual chemists, tested by real drilling professionals, and supported by a team of field reps with over 50 years of experience in the horizontal directional drilling industry.

ProAction Fluids keep pressures low and your bore moving quickly, material costs low, and dollars to your bottom line.

How easy is it to mix with ProAction Products?

It’s really easy. All of our packages are predosed. How’s this for easy?

1 EZB (bag or Bottle) for every 500 gallons of water.

When drilling in...

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ProDrill EZ Pour Bag_dirt


ProDrill is the best overall value-add product on the market. It's a soil stabilizer, viscosifier, friction reducer and the cornerstone product of the ProAction Fluids line.

All ProAction products are designed to work without having to add any clay-based products such as bentonite.
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ProDyne is a water-based, water soluble non-foaming drilling detergent builder and water conditioner/chelator. The water-based formulation makes it easily dispersible in water, with little mixing energy required. ProDyneacts as a water conditioner in hard or mineral-laden water, and water wet-ting downhole equipment such as rods and tooling, ultimately contributing to longer tooling and rod life, lower drilling temperatures

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ClayLock EZ Pour Back


ClayLock binds clay platelets together and prevents water intrusion between the platelets-the root cause of clay swelling. It can be added to your water in a variety of ways, and the water-based formulation requires a fraction of the mixing energy required for other clay swelling prevention products.

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GeoSweep HD

GeoSweep HD is an all-in-one viscosifier, lubricant, and friction reduction product for high density-high permeability conditions ranging from sand to rock. GeoSweep HD’s patented coated granule coating helps eliminate dust, while also aiding dispersion.

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DrillClean is a tank, tooling, and equipment cleaner, designed to rapidly penetrate and breakdown dirt, clays, organic matter, clumps of partially-hydrated bentonite and/or coagulated bentonite-polymer mixtures.

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GeoSweep LQ

GeoSweep LQ is a high molecular weight, multi-polymer slurry. It is an all-inone viscosifier, lubricant and friction reducer alternative for high densityhigh permeability conditions ranging from sand to rock. GeoSweep LQ is comprised of the same active chemistry as GeoSweep HD, but blended into a liquid slurry for quick dispersion and rapid hydration.

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BoreShield adds gel strength & filtration control in combination with ProDrill

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ProFoam is designed for air drilling

• Produces stable, consistent foam in all types of water
• Improves hole cleaning and penetration rates
• Excellent carrying capacity and retention times
• Suitable for use with downhole hammers

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ProVis Series

Bentonite and Bentonite Additives

We have expanded our offerings so we can be your single source provider for drilling mud and ensure there is always a product to meet your needs.

Increase product effectiveness and reduce required volumes with the ProVis series. 

ProVis GEL

Pure Wyoming Sodium Bentonite designed for multiple applications, including oil and gas drilling, and horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

ProVis HYB

Certified Wyoming Sodium Bentonite designed for use in oil and gas and HDD applications. It serves as the base product of the ProVis family and can be an alternative to polymer-based muds in high density and high permeability (e.g. sandy soils) conditions.

ProVis XP

A biopolymer blend that modifies gel strength and filtration control with minimal increase in overall fluid system viscosity.

pH Boost

Using pH Boost will improve the properties of makeup water by adjusting the pH and tying up harness minerals.

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Demo Bore
ProAction Fluids Field Rep Brent Clark on a demo bore with Netvision Communications demonstrating how easy it is to get the perfect mud mix for any soil type.

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