ProAction Fluids

GeoSweep HD™ is a high molecular weight, multi-polymer granule blend. It is an all-in-one viscosifier, lubricant, and friction reducer for high density-high permeability conditions ranging from sand to rock. GeoSweep HD’s patented granule coating helps eliminate dust and reduce clumping, while also aiding dispersion when mixing.


  • Decreased thrust and rotational forces because the slick nature of GeoSweep HD reduces the friction created between the bore wall and pipe
  • High Cuttings Content from unique suspension properties and high gel strength that allow it to float and carry high-density cuttings, such as coarse sand and gravel, out of the hole
  • Filtration Control The specific blend of GeoSweep HD allows the polymers to create a cake along the bore wall with a hydraulic seal, keeping fluid in the hole and moving cuttings down the bore path
  • 100% Silica-Free Formulation the proprietary blend of polymer granules provides unique product characteristics without the addition of silica into the mix


Can GeoSweep HD be combined with other ProAction Products?

Yes. Not only is GeoSweep HD is compatible with all other ProAction products, there are cases such as when drilling in dirty sand, that the addition of other ProAction products will provide synergistic benefits.

What soil conditions are best suited for GeoSweep HD?

GeoSweep LQ works best as a standalone product in heavy, dense soils such as sand, cobble, and rock. GeoSweep LQ’s unique and versatile properties make it a great option for clay and sand-mixed soils.

When should GeoSweep HD be used instead of a Bentonite-based mix?

GeoSweep HD is a polymer alternative to bentonite for high-density soil conditions. While ProAction does not limit its products to a specific hole size, a safe starting point for polymer only mixes in high density soil conditions is hole sizes less than 10” and less than 500’ in total length. Should the hole size exceed those parameters and the operators’ comfortability with the product, ProAction offers a full line of bentonite and additives.


1-2 EZB treats 500 gallons

ProAction’s recommendation is to mix GeoSweep HD through the top of the tank, much like the other ProBore Series products. Should the situation dictate the usage of a hopper, ensure the hopper is free of material and completely dry. After product addition is complete, divert full flow to roll jets.

To Mix GeoSweep HD

For maximum performance, it is recommended the tank be rinsed of any bentonite-based products. The largest determining factor for full hydration is mix energy. Ensuring the system is operating efficiently will improve consistency of mixing.

Adding GeoSweep HD to an empty tank:

  1. Begin to fill tank
  2. Ensure Pump is at full RPM
  3. Pre-treat water with ProDyne
  4. Add GeoSweep HD when volume is between 1/2 to 3/4 of the tank’s total capacity.
  5. Roll the tank and keep jets on allowing GeoSweep HD to mix and hydrate for 10 – 12 minutes after it is added

Additional GeoSweep HD can be added to an already hydrated tank even after you have completed the initial mixing cycle. 

  • Mixing time may need to be extended 12 – 15 minutes when adding additional GeoSweep HD to the original mix.
  • Look carefully at the mix to confirm that the additional GeoSweep HD has been successfully blended. Continue mixing until little or no dark spots are present to ensure full hydration.

More Pro Tips to Master Your Mix

  • How Fast? One 5-lb bag should take between 45-60 seconds to be emptied into the tank in traditional mix systems. Mix systems with less agitation might require a slower addition time. If more than 1 bag is desired, bags should be added back to back.
  • How Long? Full hydration will show little to no dark spots in the drilling fluid.
  • Already Full? Although ProAction recommends adding GeoSweep HD while the tank is being filled, it can be added to a full tank. For best results, recirculate the tank and add the desired dosage of GeoSweep HD where there is the most energy in the tank.