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VacBoost™ is a proprietary water-based blend of clay inhibitors and surfactants that prevent clay and other soils with sticking tendencies from building up on surfaces in Hydro-excavator tanks or lines. VacBoost is a great solution to performance losses attributed to cuttings/material buildup in tubes or tanks.


  • Water-based carrier fluid
  • Prevents loss of suction in hoses
  • Reduces dumping time by preventing soil from sticking to the interior of spoils tanks
  • Non-foaming, eco-friendly formula


When should I use VacBoost?

VacBoost should be utilized when hydro-vac operations encounter sticky or reactive soils to prevent sticky and reactive clays from negatively affecting the performance of a hydro-vac or hydro-excavator.

Will VacBoost freeze?

Yes. VacBoost “slushes” at 16 degrees and can freeze solid at temperatures below 10 degrees.  It will thaw back out and is still usable, even if it does freeze.

Does VacBoost have any oil or hydrocarbons?

No. VacBoost is blended with a water-based carrier and uses components that are GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe).


1 EZ Bottle treats 500 gallons

VacBoost is water-based, and disperses and mixes very easily. The normal 1/2-gallon EZ Bottle treats 500 gallons, but the full container can be utilized in smaller water tanks with no consequence of over-treating. VacBoost does not add any viscosity or rheological properties to the water and does not sheen or foam.

If starting with an empty tank:

  1. Fill the tank with water to roughly half of desired capacity
  2. Add VacBoost to the freshwater tank. The energy of the water filling the tank will be sufficient for agitation and mixing of the product.

If adding into a tank already filled to target capacity:

  1. Add VacBoost to the freshwater tank
  2. Utilize a cutting wand to agitate the tank to mix the fluid
  3. Mix tank for 2-3 minutes for full dissolution
ProAction Fluids' advanced HDD fluids and additives in action at a horizontal directional drilling job.

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