ProAction Fluids

ProDrill Eco™ is a proprietary water-based polymer blend that binds to clay and other low-density solids, leading to the removal of cuttings from a bore path. ProDrill Eco has no oil or hydrocarbons, providing an alternative to ProDrillTM in projects that have restrictions for products with oil-based or hydrocarbon-containing carrier fluids.


  • Water-based carrier fluid
  • Hydrates Rapidly
  • Provides alternative to ProDrill for projects with limitations on products containing hydrocarbons
  • Can be used in conjunction with ProAction’s ProBore or ProVis series


Does ProDrill Eco have any oil or hydrocarbons?

No. ProDrill Eco is 100% oil and hydrocarbon free.

Is ProDrill Eco able to be used with ClayLock and ProDyne in the same mud blend? 

Yes. ProDrill Eco is compatible with all ProAction products, and can be used just like ProDrill in clay mixes.

Will ProDrill Eco freeze?

Yes. ProDrill Eco freezes at 32 degrees.  It will thaw back out and is still usable, even after freezing.

Can ProDrill Eco be added to a bentonite-based mix?

ProAction’s recommendation for clay and other low density soils is to utilize ProDrill or ProDrill Eco as your base fluid, and add other supplemental additives such as ProDyne and ClayLock as needed. In high density soils where a ProVis series or other Bentonite product is desired, ProDrill Eco can be used to modulate the carrying capacity of a bentonite based drilling fluid.


1 EZB (Bag or Bottle) treats 500 gallons

ProDrill Eco is a water-based alternative to ProDrill and can be utilized as a 1:1 replacement. ProDrill Eco’s viscosity will be less than that of a normal ProDrill mix, and it will be unaffected by pH (safe operating range between pH levels of 5-10). The water carrier leads to rapid dispersion and hydration, with less interference from mineral-laden or hard water.

If starting with an empty tank:

  1. Fill tank with water to roughly half of desired capacity
  2. Add ProDrill Eco through the top of the tank. The energy of the water filling the tank will be sufficient for the agitation and mixing of the product.
  3. Mix tank for 2-3 minutes for full dissolution

If adding into a tank already filled to target capacity:

  1. Tank fluid must be moving either via pump or mixing jets
  2. Add ProDrill Eco through the top of the tank
  3. Mix tank for 2-3 minutes for full dissolution