ProAction Fluids

ProDrill™ is an anionic, multi-polymer blend formulated to build viscosity and bind to clay and other low density solids, providing efficient removal from a bore hole. ProDrill’s composition offers a high affinity to clay, providing a slick bore hole and smooth, creamy, cuttings consistency. ProDrill also works as a fluid on pipe friction reducer, leading to lower fluid pump pressures and increased pump life.


  • Rapid hydration
  • Decreased pressures
  • High cuttings content on returns
  •  Reduced cleanup time
  • In addition to being base of ProBore series, can be used in conjunction with ProVis Bentonite and other bentonite-based products


Can ProDrill replace bentonite clay?

In soils that are composed primarily of clay as determined by a jar test, ProDrill can be a direct replacement. 

Is ProDrill compatible with Bentonite?

ProAction’s recommendation for clay and other low density soils is to utilize ProDrill as your base fluid, and add other supplemental additives such as ProDyne and ClayLock as needed. In high density soils where a ProVis series or other Bentonite product is desired, low doses of ProDrill can be used to modulate the viscosity and carrying capacity. ProDrill’s high affinity for clay makes it extremely potent in bentonite mixes, and ProAction recommends capping dosage at 1/2 EZB (.25 gallon) per 500 gallons of water for those specific circumstances.

Will ProDrill freeze?

No. ProDrill will become more viscous in cooler temperatures, but will not freeze.


1 EZB (Bag or Bottle) treats 500

ProDrill  is best suited for clay and silt soil conditions, and the mixing chart below shows the dosages needed for the various soil types. ProDrill is relatively unaffected by pH (safe operating range is between pH 5-10). However, ProDrill hydration can be affected by hard or mineral-laden water. ProDyne is recommended to run in conjunction with ProDrill  to ensure consistent results.

If starting with an empty tank: 

  1. Fill tank with water to the desired capacity
  2. Add ProDrill through the top of the tank. The energy of the water filling the tank will be sufficient for agitation and mixing of the product.
  3. Mix tank for 2-3 minutes for full hydration

If adding into a tank already filled to target capacity: 

  1. Tank fluid must be moving either via pump or mixing jets
  2. Add ProDrill through the top of the tank
  3. Mix tank for 2-3 minutes for full hydration