ProAction Fluids

ProVis XP™ is a biopolymer blend that modifies gel strength and filtration control with minimal increase in overall fluid system viscosity. In most cases, 5–lbs of ProVis XP added to 100-lbs (~2%w/w) bentonite can extend the performance of the system to outperform fluid mixes with much higher loadings of bentonite alone.


ProVis XP should be used to boost the properties of bentonite in high density soils where ProVis series or bentonite products are preferred to ProBore series products. It is especially effective in scenarios where carrying capacity and gel strength need to be increased without a large change in fluid system viscosity. Excessive fluid system viscosity can lead to:

  • High annular pressures (which lead to frac outs)
  • Decreased pump efficiency
  • Increased rotational and pull pressures

Mixes per 500 Gallons

Start with makeup water pH ranging from 8.5-9.5

Use ProAction’s pH Boost to modulate water pH

  • Sandy, Gravel, Cobble, Rock or otherwise unknown high-density condtions:

2-3 Bags ProVis HYB + 1 EZB ProVis XP

Hydration time will vary depending on mix pump output, tank size and water quality, but is generally 5-10 minutes.


ProVis XP is packaged into pre-dosed 5-lb EZBs (EZ Bags). 8 EZBs per case.

ProAction Fluids' advanced HDD fluids and additives in action at a horizontal directional drilling job.