ProAction Fluids

ProDyne™ is a water-based, water-soluble non-foaming drilling detergent builder and water conditioner/chelator. The water-based formulation makes it easily dispersible in water, with little mixing energy required. ProDyne acts as a water conditioner in hard or mineral-laden water, and water wets downhole equipment such as rods and tooling, ultimately contributing to longer tooling and rod life, and lower drilling temperatures.


Softens hard water for polymers, leading to faster hydration


Keeps drill bit clean of debris by reducing the “stickiness” of clay materials and cuttings

Can be used in conjunction with ProAction’s ProBore or ProVis Series, along with other brands of bentonite


Do I always need to use ProDyne when running ProDrill?

No, ProDyne is necessary when low density, sticky soil material that wants to cling to rods and tooling is present, and in projects that might have been “water only” traditionally, can be a great low-cost additive to increase productivity and efficiency. ProDyne is compatible with all ProAction products so it can be run as needed with any ProAction mud mix—ProBore or ProVis.

Can ProDyne be used to create a foam?

No, ProDyne is non-foaming. Contact your local distributor for information on ProAction Fluids’ ProFoam product. 

Will ProDyne freeze?

ProDyne will turn to slush at temperatures below 20°F (-7°C). This does not affect the performance, and it will fully activate when introduced into a fluid system.


1 EZB (Bag or Bottle) treats 500 gallons

ProDyne is a great supplemental additive for any soil condition, even sand or rock. The ability to keep tooling clean leads to more efficient drilling by keeping cutting surfaces exposed, tooling cool, and rods free of organic material that would have a negative effect on rotational torque. Use it to achieve full hydration of ProAction polymer products such as ProDrill or GeoSweep HD.

If starting with an empty tank:

  1. Fill tank with water to roughly half of desired capacity
  2. Add ProDyne through the top of the tank. The energy of the water filling the tank will be sufficient for agitation and mixing of the product.
  3. Mix the tank for 2-3 minutes to ensure full dissolution

If adding into a tank already filled to target capacity:

  1. Ensure the fluid in your tank is moving either via pump or mixing jets
  2. Add ProDyne through the top of the tank
  3. Mix the tank for 2-3 minutes to ensure full dissolution
ProAction Fluids, HDD drilling fluids in use.
ProAction Fluids, HDD drilling fluids in use.