ProAction Fluids

ClayLock™ is a proprietary clay inhibitor blend used to prevent reactive clays from swelling. ClayLock binds and encapsulates clay platelets together and prevents water intrusion between the platelets - the root cause of clay swelling. It can be added to your water in a variety of ways, and the water-based formulation requires a fraction of the mixing energy required for other clay swelling prevention products.


  • Additive to combat swelling/reactive clays
  • Prevents clay deconsolidation
  • Reduces torque by keeping pipe/tooling free from the “grabbing effect” of reactive clays
  • Can be used in conjunction with ProAction’s ProBore or ProVis series


Does the color of ClayLock have any bearing on the performance?

No. There is a slight natural variation in the feedstock.

Can I use ClayLock and ProDyne in the same mud blend? 

Yes, ProDyne and ClayLock are compatible with each other and can be used in the same mud mix. 

Will ClayLock freeze?

ClayLock will turn to slush at temperatures below 20°F (-7°C). This does not affect the performance, and it will fully activate when introduced into a fluid system.

Can ClayLock be added to a bentonite-based mix?

Yes! Ensure bentonite is fully dispersed and yielded prior to the addition of ClayLock to the fluid system. Improper addition of ClayLock, like all clay additives, will reduce the effectiveness of the bentonite. Clay inhibitors should always be added AFTER full hydration of the bentonite. 


1-2 EZBs (Bags or Bottles) treats 500 gallons

It is possible to run a highly concentrated dose of ClayLock directly down the drill stem if reactive clays are unexpectedly encountered during a drilling operation. Upon breaking the joints between two rods, pour between a half to full EZB of ClayLock down the rod and circulate fluid to get concentrated exposure to the reactive clays quickly.

If starting with an empty tank:

  1. Fill the tank with water to roughly half of desired capacity
  2. Add ClayLock through the top of the tank. The energy of the water filling the tank will be sufficient for agitation and mixing of the product.
  3. Mix tank for 2-3 minutes for full dissolution

If adding into a tank already filled to target capacity:

  1. Tank fluid must be moving either via pump or mixing jets
  2. Add ClayLock through the top of the tank
  3. Mix tank for 2-3 minutes for full dissolution