ProAction Fluids

RodLube is used to keep tooling, rods, and other wearable items utilized in horizontal drilling operations lubricated. Providing lubrication for rotating and/or moving parts can lead to improved ROP (Rate of Penetration), longer tooling/bit life, and increased machine efficiency. RodLube is environmentally friendly, and can be utilized in both bentonite and polymeric based blends.


RodLube should be the last additive mixed into a tank of drilling fluid. RodLube has a high affinity for metals, and even at low treatment dosages will be an effective lubricant. Providing lubrication in drilling operations can have multiple benefits:

  • Improved drilling efficiency
  • Rotational and directional torque reduction
  • Extension of tooling and bit life
  • Increased ROPs

Mixes per 500 Gallons

  • Starting Point recommended to be 0.5 gallons (1 EZ Bag or Bottle) per 500 gallons
  • Dosage can be increased up to 1-1.5% of the fluid system if needed


RodLube is packaged into either pre-dosed 1/2 gallon EZBs (EZ Bags or Bottles—10 per case), 5 gallon buckets, or 275-gallon IBC Totes.

HDD fluids and additives on a horizontal directional drilling job site.