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ProAction Fluids HDD fluids and additives being used on a horizontal directional drilling job site.



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Explore a collection of testimonials from Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) specialists who have experienced unparalleled success with ProAction Fluids. These industry leaders share their firsthand experiences, highlighting the transformative impact of our advanced HDD solutions. See how ProAction Fluids has elevated drilling efficiency, extended tool life, and maximized profitability for businesses across the globe. Our distributor network plays a pivotal role in these success stories, emphasizing the strength of our partnerships and the value of our products in the competitive HDD landscape.

"We’re probably saving $10k a year in wear parts. Success rate is 100% since using the product–we’re getting twice as many bores done."​

— Carstensen Contracting. General construction water, sewer, and install oil, North Dakota

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